Serti sur Vide

The Serti Sur Vide (“Set on Void”) collection features a one-of-a-kind, limited edition line of couture pieces and represents the most recent addition to the Classics within Repossi’s High Jewelry range.

Gaia Repossi innovates by using wider stones and diamonds set “on void”, as if they were suspended on a structure. The pieces are characterized by the minimalist architecture of their bold setting that gives a futuristic feeling when placed on the bare skin.

Inspired by the Minimalist and Brutalist art movements, the architecture of the cut and the volume of the stones create the motif of the collection. The abstract design of the delicate settings creates an essential new aesthetic for the world of High Jewelry. The bold compositions within the Serti Sur Vide collection achieve a modern harmony with the use of elongated feminine forms.

The Collection is available as one-of-a-kind pieces and can also be custom-made. It features long rings, lower rings, upper phalanx rings, longer and short earrings, wide cuffs and neck pieces.

The settings are created in rose gold, white gold, black gold fully set with white or pink diamonds, or set on a raw gold setting for a pure, radical version. The central stones are white diamonds in contrasting sizes, with additional diamond color hues varying from fancy blush and fancy yellow to fancy pink.

Available in Repossi stores and worldwide sales points.

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