The Antifer Collection is most defined by the simple line drawn to form a strong peak at the edge of the ring. Its modern appeal evokes Japanese references.

Gaia Repossi originally created the collection in December 2013 to celebrate the opening of the Dover Street Market store in New York, with the peak motif of the ring mirroring the logo of the iconic concept store. The collection was later named “Antifer” by Gaia Repossi, for the inspiration she received from the Antifer cliffs in Normandy.

The collection ranges from affordable options to more complex variations where the peaks are assembled in asymmetrical rhythm to suggest a cliff or a complex pattern. These more complex variations come in full diamond pavé versions, covering the entire surface of the rings and peaks – creating a technical achievement with a new, strong graphic result.

The collection encompasses wide bold cuffs in various sizes, choker necklaces, and peaked clasp earrings in rose gold, black PVD rhodium gold with a matte dense finish, and lilac rhodium gold with a fresh modern tone. All styles are available in plain gold, full diamond pavé and semi pavé.

The “Cœur d’Antifer” collection exists as an extension of the original collection, with the heart motif combined with the Antifer peak to create rings meant to be collected and worn stacked to mark memorable moments. Rings are available in a variety of hues – from rose gold, yellow gold, black gold, to fuchsia gold rhodium, and designed in plain gold, full diamond pavé and semi pavé styles.

All available in Repossi stores and worldwide sales points.

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