Brevis: from the lexicon of music, referring to an abridged adaptation of a musical work, ex: a mass, or the Kyrie or Gloria of the Lutheran choral tradition. This Latin term, meaning “short,” or “brief,” has also been used as a notation in sheet music since the 13th century, signifying a note held over a shorter length of time.

The collection in brief: The necklace revisited; an abridged collection; ellipses floating on the body; the flash of diamonds; a strong idea with a strong presence; virtuosity.

Like staccato bursts of light flashing across the lines of the body, the necklace becomes a contemporary variation of classical sheet music. The line Serti sur Vide is expressed in new compositions, a high jewelry harmonic giving rhythm and structure to a visual symphony.

A necklace, rings and bracelet make for an abstract and unusual punctuation, one beat away from an abbreviated, but unforgettable, collection.

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