White Noise

The White Noise Collection is a Modernist essential collection with light yet strong lines drawn along the body.

Its name is a tribute to minimalist design and refers to the silent message of white noise and the jewelry pieces are meant to depict the spectral image of the actual vibration. Their wide volume is inspired by the Brutalist and Purist architectural movements led by Le Corbusier, the CIAM movement, and the contemporary sculptures of Calder and Serra.

The Collection is composed of subtle rings, meant to be worn in a row across the fingers as curved lines dancing upon the hand. The White Noise Collection also encompasses double and upper phalanx rings, wide cuffs, contemporary chokers spreading their curved lines along the neck, and earrings that cover the lobe elegantly and ergonomically.

The White Noise Collection is available in rose, black or yellow gold, as well as black gold dipped in PVD rhodium. A fuchsia lacquered version was created as well as an exclusive bright pink rhodium-dipped gold variation. All styles are available in flat or round wire.

Limited edition pieces fully set with diamonds depicting modern simple elements graced with shimmering detail are also available These versions vary with dégradés from pink to grey diamonds on rose or fuchsia gold, and from black to dark grey and white diamonds on black gold, as well as fully set with rare pink diamonds. The pieces are executed with the highest craftsman and goldsmith setting techniques, ultimately resulting in a delicate yet bold feel.

Available in Repossi stores and worldwide sales points.

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