For three generations of Italian designers, Repossi has offered timeless, avant-garde jewelry which combines artistic and architectural inspirations with the exceptional savoir-faire of the Place Vendome. Gaia Repossi’s vision has re- inspired the house since 2007 by re-inventing traditional jewelry codes where jewels become a second skin.

Repossi is proud to unveil the redesign of their very first window onto the world which has stood on the Monte Carlo Promenade since 1978. With a bold new interior design and layout, the Monaco address is the first boutique designed by Flavin Judd, the architectural designer and son of Donald Judd.

Both Repossi and Judd have reaffirmed the continuity of their own heritage, along with a shared interest in the simplicity of continued lines and systems of repetition.

The Monte Carlo store is the second boutique renovation overseen by Gaia Repossi, who previously commissioned the architect Rem Koolhaas for Repossi’s flagship space on the Place Vendôme in Paris in 2016.

“Monte Carlo was a place to try out different geometries. The original idea was a space that was warm and welcoming but on the darker side,” Judd says, “it was a place where we could experiment with striated walls and unusual colors. Every room has its own context and purpose.”

The understated opulence proposed by Flavin Judd for the architecture of this new space is an echo to Repossi’s minimalist jewelry creations. This dialogue of simple, pure codes can also be found in the iconic collections such as Berbere, Antifer and Serti sur Vide.

Wood is the primary language through which Judd and Repossi speak. Wide bands of plywood covered in beech veneer cover the boutique’s walls, some of them cut into an assortment of different angles, providing a dynamic texture that creates a play of shadow and light. Passing from the raw wood of the store’s antechamber into a deeper inner sanctum, the color changes to deep red. Brass is curved into unadorned, simple furniture and assembled into display stands in bold, bright colors and rectangular volumes, creating a new context for the graphic, contemporary design which define Repossi’s jewelry.

As a designer, Gaia takes her vision from Modernist and contemporary visual art and architecture. Her work is elemental and timeless, sharing the aesthetic and philosophical values of the Bauhaus school, architects including Tadao Ando and Le Corbusier and artists such as Richard Serra and Donald Judd; a vital revelation for Gaia Repossi.

“This is a space designed by an artist, but with simplicity. Flavin’s aesthetic is very elegant.” – Gaia Repossi

Square Beaumarchais 98000 Monaco

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